Intermediate 'B' Swing Jive Course DVD


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The Swing Dance Company's Intermediate "B" DVD is ideal for use after learning from the Absolute Beginners Jive Course DVD. This series of DVDs is ideal for learning to dance to rock'n'roll or swing music at home.

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Intermediate "B" SwingJive Course from The Swing Dance Company

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Continue learning jive and swing dance with The Swing Dance Company’s Intermediate “B” SwingJive Instructional DVD. This DVD contains a detailed explanation of nine further intermediate level swing and jive moves from The Swing Dance Company on its Intermediate “B” SwingJive course. These moves different from, but at  the same level of difficulty as the Intermediate "A" course. This DVD can be used to complement learning in class or as a stand-alone learning guide.

If you have never tried swing dancing before, or it’s been a while, try The Swing Dance Company’s Absolute Beginners Jive Course DVD first, which will give you the fundamentals you will need to progress.  

SwingJive is fun and easy to learn, you can dance with friends, family or partner to your favourite music. The series of 6 Swing Jive courses, starts with Absolute Beginners Jive and is followed by Intermediate courses "A" and "B". DVDs have not yet been produced for Intermediate Plus courses "1", "2" and "3". The courses were designed to allow people who have never danced before a simple and progressive way to learn and have fun. Following these DVDs will get you dancing in no time.

The moves taught on The Swing Dance Company’s SwingJive courses can apply to many music styles, but mainly jive is associated with rock'n'roll and swing music. These DVDs provide tuition on SwingJive, whilst there is less footwork than in pure lindy hop, we introduce the basic 6-beat and Charleston rhythms on this DVD. SwingJive is easier to learn than lindy hop, following The Swing Dance Company’s SwingJive courses acts as a solid foundation for many people who later learn lindy hop.

Thousands of The Swing Dance Company’s Instructional DVDs have sold worldwide. With improved video production compared to the Absolute Beginners DVD, tuition on this Intermediate “B” level DVD is again provided by The Swing Dance Company owners and lead teacher trainers Brooke and Debbie Garvey. The tuition is broken down so that viewers can see different angles, see the moves taught slowly, danced with a count, danced with memory words and danced to music.

Names of Moves on The Swing Dance Company's Intermediate B SwingJive Course


-Shoulder Tap

-6 Beat Basic

-Open Neckbreaker

-Side By Side


-Chop Sway


-Charleston Basic

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