Bleyer Swivel

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Incredibly comfortable ladies wedge shoe for jive, swing and lindy hop dancers.

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    Bleyer Swivel

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    With a fitted leather insole and suitable for feet of almost any width, the Bleyer Swivel is built with dancers' comfort in mind. The Bleyer Swivel are a versatile ladies dance shoe, both option in terms of your outfits and the places you can use them for dancing.

    The fit of this shoe is so versatile that here at we can't find a single examples of this shoe being returned on the basis of inappropriate fit in the 10 years that we have been retailing the Bleyer Swivel. The Bleyer PU sole gives you options about where to dance, so it is ideal for everybody who wants to spread their love of dance beyond the polished dance studio floor!

    Available in a choice of three colours, many customers come back to us to purchase a second and third pair once they realise how comfortable the Bleyer Swivels are!

    Black is the most popular colour choice, probably because it is versatile to work with any swing dance outfit. The uppers on the black Bleyer Swivel are produced with a soft micro-velour.

    White Bleyer Swivels are also in high demand, these all white swing dance shoes are produced with a synthetic leather alternative, giving a matt white finish that can be wiped down easily. The material is soft and light but also very strong and durable.

    The burgundy colour option, or the Bleyer Swivel Fox, is finished with a brown trim and laces. Similar to the all black Swivel, the burgundy material is a soft micro-velour material.

    Images of each of the colour options can be seen by selecting the appropriate colours from the dropdown "colour" box on this listing.

    The comfort provided by the Bleyer Swivel is based on a soft and squishy insole, along with the easily adjustable uppers that can cope with almost any foot size and shape. The peep-toe feature, the shaping of the uppers over the top of the foot and chunky laces distinguish this style of swing dance shoe from any other.

    Whichever colour you select, the material used is soft and light, but very durable and will maintain the look of the shoe over time even if you go out to dance jive, rock'n'roll or lindy hop every night of the week!

    The PU-Wedge sole is a non-staining hard plastic sole that is 5cm high at the heel end. The PU material is similar to the flat Bleyer Spin Spot Sole used on styles such as the Rock'n'Roll, Boogie Woogie and Lindy Hopper Lace Up, it can cope with floors that would destroy suedes and leathers.

    We all love a perfect, smooth, dry, well-maintained dance floor, but realistically we also love dancing anywhere and everywhere, in all sorts of unexpected places. Whether you are jiving, lindy hopping or rock'n'rolling indoors or outside, on rough or smooth surfaces, and whether on polished studio floor or on a sticky social club, you can dance on the Bleyer sole without risking ruining your shoes.

    Please select your normal UK size.

    Quite simply, if you know your standard UK size please just select that size in the drop-down option above. Only vary from this if you have actually tried on a Bleyer shoe and you can read the Bleyer size on the label inside the shoe, if this is the case please select that Bleyer size shown in the brackets on our "size" dropdown.

    The Bleyer Swivel is available as standard from UK3 to UK8 (Bleyer 37 to 43).

    As well as the chunky lace up over the foot, these swing dance shoes feature an adjustable strap and buckle around the back of the heel. With this number of adjustment options, and due to the nature of the production of wedge shoes, you can be pretty confident that the Bleyer Swivel will fit almost any feet shape and width. The Bleyer Swivel fits very similar to the Bleyer Wedge.

    Heard from your friends about Bleyer sizing?

    Lots of people come to us saying that their friends suggest going up by a size to buy Bleyers. This section explains that we already factor this in when we translate to UK sizes.

    Bleyer is a German brand, so all Bleyer shoes will have a label showing a European "Bleyer" size. However, most people find that this size is approximately 1 size smaller than the European size marked on your shoes made by high street brands. For example, if you normally wear European 41 you would probably need Bleyer 42. It is almost never the case that your Bleyer size matches your standard European size, most people need 1 size different, a small number of people need to 2 sizes different. We factor this in for our UK size translations.

    As we are a UK based site, UK sizes are listed first in our drop-down options. We have used our experience to translate the Bleyer sizes to normal UK sizes, this is why we suggest that you select your typical UK size from our dropdown options. 

    Bleyers are produced in whole sizes. Because the increments of whole European and whole UK shoe sizes is slightly different, you'll find that there are half sizes in some, but not all, UK sizes. This is simply as a result of the translations, so if your feet are a half size that is not listed, we would normally suggest that you select the next half size up. If you’re still not sure which size to select please call or email for advice.

    Although we are confident that these translations work for most people, this information is not a guarantee and should be used as a guide only.

    Standard Items:

    Exchanges will be accepted on the condition that items have only been worn to test for good fit and they are in a perfect condition. Shoes should only be tried on a clean carpeted surface for long enough to determine whether they are a good fit. All returns must be in an identical condition to which they were supplied by us and a completed returns document enclosed. 

    All returns must be sent back to us within 10 days of receipt. We do not pay for return post and cannot be held responsible for any goods that may be mislaid during return. There will be no additional postage charge for sending out a replacement.


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    Wherever any customizations are offered, these items are classes as a “special order”. These shoes are produced on the strength of that order and based on the exact specification supplied at the time the order is placed. Special Order items cannot be returned, so it is essential that you are satisfied that all details such as size, colour, finish and sole selection have been agreed prior to order. Special Orders are normally subject to an additional charge and a delay of up 2-8 weeks.