Bleyer Rock'n'Roll

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Best-selling unisex dance footwear available with a range of colours combinations, select the Bleyer "spin spot" sole or a suede sole.

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    Bleyer Rock'n'Roll

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    The Bleyer Rock'n'Roll shoe is the perfect starting point for a pair of danceshoes for jivers, swing dancers, lindy hoppers and rock'n'rollers. They are versatile, with the sole being able to cope with all sorts of dance floors, and they are a stylish footwear choice too, with attractive brogue patters on the uppers. They fit like a glove and they are very light to dance in.

    The standard colour options for the Bleyer Rock'n'Roll are as follows;


    Black & White

    Brown & White

    Or if you want another colour option then why not place a custom order.  There are a huge range of swatches to chose from, they can be seen on this link. If you select the "Customised Colours" option in the colour dropdown on this product listing you will see a variety of the custom order Rock'n'Rolls that we have arranged in the past.

    Custom orders are produced on the strength of your order, and because of this there are various conditions. Firstly, from the point an order is placed we cannot accept cancellations or returns due to the unique nature of your requirements. This includes issues relating to sizing, so it is essential that you select the size that will fit. Bleyers are fairly consistant over time and between styles in their range - so if you have worn Bleyer before you should be able to select the Bleyer size shown on the shoe. If you have never worn Bleyer before, it is advisable to order a standard (and therefore returnable) pair first to make certain of your size. You can then return the standard pair and pay the balance to order a custom pair.

    Special orders are also subject to a delay of 2-6 weeks and are subject to a customisation fee. When order a custom shoe, it is essential that you select the "Customised Colours" option in the colours dropdown box, which adds the relevant customisation fee.

    Produced on a unisex last, the Bleyer Rock'n'Rolls are a lace-up shoe that is popular with both ladies and gentlemen alike.

    The type of materials used on the uppers of the shoes depends on the colours you select, a variety of configurations include; all matt leather uppers (all black), a combination of matt leather and matt synthetic (black and white or brown and white) or patent synthetic only in black and white. All synthetic shoes are ideal for swing dancers requiring Vegan friendly shoes.

    Where white synthetic material is used (on black/white and brown/white matt shoes), the material is a soft but hardwearing leather alternative called Durasoft.

    Bleyer Rock'n'Rolls are supplied without an insole - ideal for dancers who prefer to "feel the floor". The Rock'n'Roll does have heel padding and a thin carpet for a footbed which many people love dancing on. However, for the many dancers who prefer a more luxurious, softer ride, Bleyer's Leather Insoles are recommended.

    Bleyer Rock'n'Rolls have a completely flat single-piece sole, either the Spin Spot Sole or the suede sole.

    Most Bleyer Rock'n'Rolls that we sell have the Spin Spot Sole, but it is possible to purchase some colour options with a suede sole as standard; black and white (both matt and patent) and brown and white matt. Our custom sole selector allows you to select any of the soles in the Bleyer range to match with the Rock'n'Roll, subject to our custom order rules.

    The Spin Spot sole is loved all over the world for its versatility - it is a hard plastic sole that performs well in typical dancehall environments, but it also copes better than any other sole in other environments too. Being hard plastic, it can be wiped down if you end up dancing on dirty or sticky floors, and it will survive some outdoor dancing too, where other soles such as suede or leather would get ruined very quickly.

    Being less slippy than leather, it is ideal for dancers in the earlier stages of their dancing life. Whilst many performance level dancers and teachers like to wear slippy leather shoes on polished dancefloors, if you have less experience, wearing leather too soon can place huge demands on your balance and technique before you are ready. The Bleyer Spin Spot sole provides more stability than leather, they hit the perfect balance to allow enough movement for you to enjoy your dancing without worrying about slipping over.

    The EVA sole is used on the largest sizes instead of the Spin Spot sole, as the Spin Spot sole is not produced above size 47. The EVA sole acts quite similarly to the Spin Spot sole, it is slightly slippier and it has a hard packed foam construction. The EVA sole and the Spin Spot sole are both Vegan friendly.

    The suede sole is available as a standard alternative and is often worn by intermediate/advanced dancers who use them especially on lovely clean dance floors. They are looking for the lovely quality of the Bleyer Rock'n'Roll along with slightly more slip from their sole. Suede soles can get slippier over time as they gather dust and form a shiny finish on the sole, if it becomes too slippy this can be reversed by using a suede brush to rough up the fibres.

    If the combination of colour and sole is not available as standard, we can still help by arranging a custom order via the custom sole selector. Further details about the various sole types can be found on this page.

    We recommend that you select your standard UK shoe size - we have over 10 years experience to hone our size conversions and these do work correctly for most customers.

    As we are a UK based site selling Bleyer footwear, UK sizes are listed first in our drop-down options. We have used our experience to translate the Bleyer sizes to UK sizes. This means that there are half sizes in some, but not all, UK sizes. This is simply as a result of the translations, so if your feet are a half size that is not listed, we would normally suggest that you select the next half size up. If you’re still not sure which size to select please call or email for advice. Although we are confident that these translations work for most people, this information is not a guarantee and should be used as a guide only.

    The Bleyer Rock'n'Roll is available as standard in adult sizes from UK 2 to 13. They are produced on a Unisex last, so the width should be a comfortable fit for ladies even with fairly wide feet. Gents with very wide feet may struggle to fit the Bleyer Rock'n'Roll and may prefer to consider the Bleyer Charleston or Bleyer Gents Casual.

    The Bleyer Rock'n'Roll style has the same fit as other Bleyers such as the Lindy Hopper Lace Up, the Saddle shoe and Bleyer Boogie Woogies.

    Non-UK customers who are not sure of their UK size may find the following helpful; Bleyer shoes are marked with European sizes and they tend to fit approximately one size small compared to typical European sizes. So, for example if you normally wear a European 40 you would probably want a Bleyer 41.

    My main Modern Jive & Lindy Hop Shoes - Review by Derek Wilson (DiscoDerek) on 24/10/2013

    Exhalent Black & Wight shoes these are my main Modern Jive & Lindy Hop Shoes (although I have a pair of B&W leather & suede soled shoes) I use them in for normal wood, plastic & even aboard tiled dance floors. I have now bean using mine for 14 years using 3 or 4 times a week and haven't really looked after them. They takes a while to run in to do double spins at the beginning with them having black rubber soles, On dance weekends you can even work outside in them without affecting soles, even in rain as long as when you get inside you wipe your feet a few times on the door mat or carpet to get the wet off or you will find you cannot spin properly till they are dry underneath, I have just about worn them out and am now looking for the best price to get another pair to replace them. DiscoDerek

    WOW - Review by Lance from NZ on 29/07/2013

    Received our RnR shoes today. ...WOW. They look great and best of all they are a great fit in both cases

    Thanks so much for the help in getting the right sizing

    Looking forward to many hours of great dancing.

    Standard Items:

    Exchanges will be accepted on the condition that items have only been worn to test for good fit and they are in a perfect condition. Shoes should only be tried on a clean carpeted surface for long enough to determine whether they are a good fit. All returns must be in an identical condition to which they were supplied by us and a completed returns document enclosed. 

    All returns must be sent back to us within 10 days of receipt. We do not pay for return post and cannot be held responsible for any goods that may be mislaid during return. There will be no additional postage charge for sending out a replacement.


    Special Arrangements For Xmas Period Returns:

    We understand that many items purchased during December are Xmas presents and the recipient won't know whether the items fit until Christmas Day. Purchase your gifts with confidence! Standard products purchased between 1st December and Monday 23rd December can be returned with normal terms and conditions at any time up to 10th Jan the following year.



    Wherever any customizations are offered, these items are classes as a “special order”. These shoes are produced on the strength of that order and based on the exact specification supplied at the time the order is placed. Special Order items cannot be returned, so it is essential that you are satisfied that all details such as size, colour, finish and sole selection have been agreed prior to order. Special Orders are normally subject to an additional charge and a delay of up 2-8 weeks.