Bleyer Hepcat

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1950s Rock and Roll era, Teddy Boy style creepers, mens shoe for dancing

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    Bleyer Hepcat Black and White with standard sole Moulded Arch

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    • New Standard Sole for HepCat sizes 42-50
    • Moulded Arch Sole, Standard for Bleyer Hepcat
    • Bleyer Hepcat Black and White with standard sole Moulded Arch
    • Alternative Soles
    • Alternative Soles

    Mens lace-up dance shoe produced in the creeper style associated with 1950s era Rock'n'Roll. Being light and soft, they are perfect for dancing whilst being ideal to fit in with a 1950s look. A must-have style for all guys who attend jive parites and rock'n'roll social dances.

    Although we can arrange a custom order for Bleyer Hep Cats to be produced in any colour combination, there is one standard colour option - black and white two-tone as pictured.

    If you select the "Customised Uppers" option in the colour dropdown you will reveal pics of the Bleyer Hep Cat with alternative colour options. It is also possible to order a Vegan Friendly Rock'n'Roll dance shoe through our customisation process

    The uppers are soft and lighter than a standard street shoe, to ensure that you find them light and comfortable for dancing. The materials used to produce the uppers are a combination of leather (black) and synthetic leather alternative, Durasoft, for the white section.

    The footbed of the shoe has a thin carpet, similar to many other Bleyer styles. Many people like to dance without cushioning as can help advanced dancers achieve greater precision. However for the majority of social dancers, comfort and protection of joints is a higher priority and so Bleyer recommend purchasing the Bleyer insole to wear in the Bleyer Hep Cat.

    Whichever sole you select, the Bleyer Hep Cat is designed as a dance shoe and the versatile sole will be suitable for all sorts of dance floors.

    As standard, the Bleyer Hep Cat is produced with the Moulded Arch Sole, you can see an image of the bottom of this shoe above - although it appears and acts like a hard plastic, this sole is actually made from hard rubber. Compared to other Bleyer soles it is fairly thick and cuhioning, so it is the best sole to use if you are planning on dancing on harder surfaces or outdoors. Being hard rubber, they are easy to wipe down should theypick up any dirt. The Moulded Arch Sole provides good freedom of movement for most social jive dancers and rock'n'roll dancers, and it's not as slippy as suede or leather soles so it's ideal if you struggle for stability on very slippy or highly polished floors.

    In recent times, there have been supply issues with the Moulded Arch Sole so it is not always available for every size. On occassions the Bleyer Hep Cat is produced with an alternative sole as standard; the use of the heel on "EVA White + Heel" is oftened used and helps to give the street shoe look, compared to the single-piece flat sole such as the Spin Spot Sole (also pictured). Pay careful attention to the "Sole Type" drop-down box, which will detail in real-time which sole type is available for purchase as standard.

    If you have particular preferences for your sole type, you can use the "Customisable Sole Selector" to arrive it exactly the sole type that you want. Please get in touch if you have any queries.

    The Bleyer Hepcat is one of the narrower styles that Bleyer produce - men with narrow and average width feet should be able to wear them fine, but men with wider feet may prefer to consider other styles such as the Bleyer Charleston.

    If you are a UK customer and you know your regular UK size, you should be able to select that size from the dropdown options for a good fit, if you are between sizes then you should opt for the larger size. We have been selling Bleyers for a very long time in the UK so we are pretty comfortable that our conversions are correct for most UK customers. Bleyer sizes are fairly consistant across styles and over time, however this style does fit tighter than other Bleyer styles.

    The label in the shoe will show a European size, but it is unlikely to be your normal EU size, Bleyer are normally one size (and sometimes two sizes) smaller than standard European. So if you normally take a European 44, you would need a Bleyer 45 or 46 in the Bleyer Hepcat.

    Bleyers are produced in whole European sizes, and all of the sizes produced are listed on our dropdown options above. As EU size increments are a bit smaller than UK size increments we do have to approximate conversions, which means using an occasssional UK half size. The translations work out  fairly accurately for mens sizes, so if you take a UK half size that is not listed then our advice is to round up to the next largest size.

    Our information about sizing is for guidance and based on our experience, we can't give guarantees that the size you select will fit your feet but our translations do work for most people. Please get in touch by phone, contact form or email if you need more advice.

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    Exchanges will be accepted on the condition that items have only been worn to test for good fit and they are in a perfect condition. Shoes should only be tried on a clean carpeted surface for long enough to determine whether they are a good fit. All returns must be in an identical condition to which they were supplied by us and a completed returns document enclosed. 

    All returns must be sent back to us within 10 days of receipt. We do not pay for return post and cannot be held responsible for any goods that may be mislaid during return. There will be no additional postage charge for sending out a replacement.


    Special Arrangements For Xmas Period Returns:

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    Wherever any customizations are offered, these items are classes as a “special order”. These shoes are produced on the strength of that order and based on the exact specification supplied at the time the order is placed. Special Order items cannot be returned, so it is essential that you are satisfied that all details such as size, colour, finish and sole selection have been agreed prior to order. Special Orders are normally subject to an additional charge and a delay of up 2-8 weeks.