About us

swinggear.co.uk is a great site for jive and swing dancers to find a wide range of merchandise and accessories to make your dancing even more rewarding.

swinggear.co.uk is owned and run by The Swing Dance Company Limited. As well as being a convenient UK outlet for selling this great brand, the team behind The Swing Dance Company Limited also teaches and organizes dances and classes in the UK. You can find out more about the team behind this site and The Swing Dance Company and jivecourses.co.uk

The Swing Dance Company Limited established swinggear.co.uk in 2006, when we became a main supplier for Bleyer danceshoes. Since then we have also introduced the Aris Allen dance shoe range as well as other products including DVDs and clothing. The range will continue to develop over the coming weeks, months and years so please come back and have a look!